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Your 2022 SEO Recipe For Businesses Success

Let our SEO services in The Woodlands tell you about the dynamic game that will change your business. While the rules constantly change with every update Google makes to their algorithms, at Your Business Bakery we have found a way to stay up to date with the current trends for 2022. It may come as a surprise to you just how much digital marketing changes every year. Google must change their algorithms at least once each day. For those of you who don’t know what the term “algorithm” means give me just a moment to explain.

Google is no more than a search engine, a tool that helps visitors find the best information available for whatever they are looking for on the web. If you were to enter in “SEO Services The Woodlands” you would find those companies that offer search engine optimization. Want to find a Mexican restaurant without having to drive across town? Then chances are you would go to your phone and search for “Mexican restaurant nearest me.” The reason that Google is constantly making updates is if they kept everything the same then anyone could cheat their way to the top so instead they have developed a complex system. The three ranking facts that ensures your website successfully makes the front page is:

  • Knowing your major keywords

  • Delivering relevant content

  • Building Authority ( citations and backlinks)

These are the top 3 but there are dozens of others ranking factors that would fill up an entire book and this is why many business rely on the knowledge and experience of an SEO service in The Woodlands. Its a full time job for us to not only know to rank our clients today but to stay current on all the ever-changing landscape. The reason I say this is because these are the things we know to work as of March 8th, 2022. However, if you happen to read this blog in the distant future, lets say 18 to 24 months from now, thus can all be outdated.

When I started out doing SEO for my own business I could do what is called “keyword stuffing” this means creating pages on a website that had all the main keywords typed verbatim over and over again. Fast forward two decades later and not only would I not be on front page but once Google caught on to my trickery , which wouldn't take them long I would fail to rank at all or suffer penalties, yes there is really a Google jail. Beware of any SEO service in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, or Katy who uses the term “black hat SEO” while you may score big for a few weeks or maybe even a month your time up top will be brief and the climb back up, an impossible feat.

The Key Components For Local SEO In The Woodlands

There are two different types of search engine optimization that business can use. If you are a local business such as a plumber, dentist, or law firm then your likely not going to want clients from just anywhere, you want to invest in local SEO. However if you offer products that can be shipped you will want to focus on a global scale to reach your audience. On this blog we are going focus on Local SEO to get your website ranked for the services you provide and the cities where you provide them too.

Create A List

Now chances are that if you have a business in The Woodlands this also means you provide services to Sugar Land, Katy and the greater Houston area. If you are a law firm then chances are you take different types of cases, a plumber would have multiple services, and so would any other type of home service guy. I want you to get a sheet of paper or open a Word Doc and create a detailed list of every service you provide and every city that you want to serve.

Determine your keywords

Now that you have a list you want to decide what the keywords are for each of these so that they go from paper to website pages. A keyword can be one word or a series of words that people type into a search bar tp find you. There are two ways to discover what these words are:

1. Brain Dump

2. Research Tools

While you may think you know what words people are looking for we strongly suggest using tools to eliminate any guesswork. These tools are designed to provide their users a behind the look scenes, trust me one little word can make all the difference. Let me provide you with an example: one of our clients offers disinfection services. When we did the research to create his website our team discovered their business was using the word COVID disinfection services, this had a volume of 300 people per month. However, a better word " "cleaning" took that from 300 people searching for him to 4,000 searches per month. Now what can this do for his business? Its a game changer! One word yet 3700 people more. This is just one of the benefits to using tools, some of these tools are free while others can be costly. I suggest to get you started to start with Google AdWords, a free but powerful tool. Once you are ready you may also want to look into using some more advanced tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. With Screaming Frog they have both a free and paid subscription model. Our SEO Services in The Woodlands relies on all these tools and a host of others but as for the average business owner, you will not need them. Once you have completed your keyword research you now need to understand where to place those words.

  • Titles

  • Headers

  • Content

These words need to be in sprinkled a specific number of times throughout the page so they sound naturally. You also have to learn how many times you can use the keywords so that Google doesn't drawl the conclusion you are keyword stuffing.

A Great Foundation: If you are building a house, you need a strong foundation and the same goes for building a business presence online. The foundation is your website. Now, let me make it clear that getting a website onto front page requires serious work, time, and knowledge as well as a good website. Many people have the faulty assumption that once they have built their website its all done but this could be the furthest thing from the truth. Whatever business you are in, you have competiton and there is only ten spaces on Google front page. Now I am willing to bet that in The Woodlands you have at least 10 competitors not counting Houston, Americas 4th largest city. In order for your website to beat the competiton you need content, Google craves it. Each of those services and cities you listed on a Word Doc are going to become a page. in addition you will need pages for home, about us, contact, and a blog that you will need to keep freshly updated.

A website that makes you money by sending you an influx of customers isn’t ever finished being built. This isn’t Betty Crocker where you whisk up a cake, stick it in the oven and pull it out half an hour later. Our basic package comes with a 15-page website that is fully optimized so that when someone looks for services in your city your website appear. Let us share a high level overview of the three components to search engine optimization.

  • On page

  • Off page

  • Technical.

On Page SEO

The first mistake that even other SEO services in The Woodlands make is they write the content for Googles robots. How Google determines your rankings is they deploy robots or spider to your website every four weeks for the intended purpose of discovering where in the list of other sites using same keywords in the same cities your website should appear. However writing for a robot is a problem because its not Google who is going to become your customer. They are never going to pay you a single dime so you must write content for your readers. A website not only needs to rank but it also needs to convert. Another ay to say this, your not the only choice the visitor has, they can hit the back button and take their business elsewhere. With that said let me give you a brief overview of what goes into optimizing your pages ( on page SEO)

  • Where you put your titles

  • How you write your meta description?

  • How do you weave your website together?

  • How you add alt tags to photos?

As you create your website keep all this information in mind so that you create a website where your visitors will can easily understand and navigate between the pages of your website. Ask yourself:

  • Can they get back to your home page easily?

  • If they see a link will they know where this link will take them to?

  • Can they find your contact information on any page they visit

  • Do you have reviews on each page of your website?

All of these questions you should be able to answer with a yes, the reason these elements are important is you want your website visitor to be able to engage with your website and to minimize your bounce rate. Google assumes based on the time a person spends on your site and their navigation pattern if this person obtained the information they were looking for. They also assume that if people are leave your website too quickly that this means your website doesn’t match their search query. When you have a high bounce rate this impacts your ranking. When you move down the page you become less visible, and less visibility means less leads, sales, and money in the bank!

Building an Offline Reputation

Regardless of how great your site looks and your content says you are, what do other people say about the services you provide? One of the first things people are going to look at is what other people have to say about the level of service you provide to them. Google also wants to know that you are credible, and this is accomplished off site in a couple of ways. If you do not have a Google My Business (GMB) profile, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity. This is a free service to use, you can either claim a listing by video or mail. Once you have a GMB listing them you want to be diligent in gathering reviews from every client you serve. There are tools which can streamline this process or you can share the link with all of your customers in an email or text. Google My Business will help to improve your local SEO and provide you with an additional way to show up on the front page of Google. The company who often wins the business has the most 5 star reviews.

The next way to build your business authority or reputation is much more cumbersome, and this is through citations and references also know as backlinks. When you write great content other websites who share your content will provide you with a backlink. Another way to get backlinks is by joining local associations. While backlinks take work, they are worth it.

If you follow all these techniques, you will get on top of the SEO game for 2022. As the rules for SEO change, there is no telling exactly how long our current recipe will last but we can guarantee that it’s the best recipe to follow for this year.

Even better you don’t have to do it alone. At Your Business Bakery we know how to build 6- and 7-layer businesses and deliver you better results, lets schedule a time to chat. Simply go to our website at

Get A Free Website Report From Our SEO Services In The Woodlands!

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