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Houston SEO On Page

The Guide To Getting Better Results! 


 For Success

Getting your website to the front page of Google is only half the battle. The real action is in the ability to turn your traffic into leads and sales. Most SEO companies in Houston focus on page rankings, but visitors need to turn into clients if you want to triple your sales and revenue. This is why Our Houston SEO team offers an unheard-of ROI guarantee.  

In this chapter, we will share our on-page strategy with you. In this chapter, we will focus on building your local SEO strategy. We will share some of the conversion elements our agency uses to generate more calls for our clients, as well as a checklist that includes some of the significant ranking factors Google looks at to determine page rankings.


There are three pieces to local SEO your Houston business can and should use. Those elements are on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization. On-page SEO is the internal component of what you can do to your website to improve your rankings. These factors are often easier to manage than off-page SEO, which centers around backlinks. If you prefer to have our Houston SEO take the reins at any time, we would be happy to discuss with you the services we offer.


Houston SEO On Page Strategy

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How to Optimize Your

Website With On-Page SEO 


Hopefully, you have a list of keywords you want to appear for. If not, go back to the last chapter to claim your free customizable your services.

Once you have your list, we need to create the content for your website. Most websites are no more than a digital brochure that has five pages – home, service, contact, about us, and a gallery of project photos. If you want to dominate the local search results for the services you provide and become the leading law firm in your area, you will need to go over and above for Google to give you first-page status.

We strongly suggest that you create a page for each of the services you offer and pages for each city you want to target. Yes, you will likely have a website with 15-20 pages of content; while this may sound excessive, it’s the only chance you have of achieving front-page success.

Another critical point is that you want to ensure that each page contains only two major keywords per page. For example, if your list includes 60 keywords, you will need 30 pages of original content with a minimum of 1,000 words per page or a total of 30,0000 words, with your home page having a minimum of 1,500 words. After you’ve decided how many pages you will need and the keywords to use for each page, you will want to write and optimize the content for your website.



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Vital Elements For On Page SEO

  •  Title tags: include your main keyword and the city. The home page should have your brand name in the title tag if you sed a keyword-rich URL.

  • Meta Description: Each page needs a short summary that tells what the page is about and encourages people to click on your site from the search results.

  •  Header: Like a book where each chapter has a title, you want each page to have a title. The title is your main word. This keyword will also be used in the URL for sub-pages connected to that page.

  •  Content should be broken into headers 2 and 3 so that it’s easier for the reader to understand where the information is and what’s most important to them.

  •  Each image should have a proper alt tag that describes the picture and is keyword rich. We encourage Houston contractors doing SEO to use original photos as they let your potential clients know what to expect from your work, which can boost your leads and sales.

  •  If possible, embedding videos relating to your services will help your bounce rate. Guess who owns YouTube. You guessed right, Google! We’ve seen ranking increase significantly by having related videos embedded on web pages.Internal links: This allows visitors to navigate your site easily. You want each page to link to the home and contact pages. It will also help to ensure your phone number is at the very top of each web page, so visitors know how to contact you.

  • Quality Content: If you scroll through your competitor’s website often, you will discover they all look and sound the same way. If you want your visitors to pick up the phone, you need to tell them why you’re better than all the other Houston SEO companies they could choose. Our USP (unique selling proposition) is that we guarantee results. Ask yourself what makes your business different from all the other businesses your client could choose from.  

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Houston 2023 SEO Checklist 

Google has over 200 ranking factors, some of which Google keeps under wraps and other factors which are extremely complex and not suitable for this guide. However, here are five must follow factors for you to consider when designing your optimized website.  If you apply everything we just covered in the guide and our top five tips for winning at local SEO, you will be well on your way to front-page success in 2023.

Site Speed: When a user clicks on your website, How long does it take to load it? Research shows visitors are likely to be disappointed and click off your website when a page does not load within a few seconds. A one-second delay can result in a 7% conversion loss. What does that look like? If you were to take an eCommerce store that generates 100,000 a day, it would cost them 2.5 million dollars in annual sales and revenue. This is why Google provides preferential treatment to websites with lighting fast load speed.


Domain Age: We believe that domain age is one of Google’s ranking factors, but other SEO experts would disagree. In our experiences, we have seen that the longer Google has had a domain in its index, the more it will benefit your rankings.


Fresh Content: Once you have written your 20-page website, you may never want to write another article, but if you want front-page success, you must provide Google with fresh, relevant content so they will continue to review your website for front-page eligibility. Once every two weeks, we recommend releasing a 1,000-page blog post using two of your main words.

Mobile First Site: Most web visitors use mobile devices, so make sure your website can be viewed off of any device. Google will also index and rank your content directly from the mobile version of your site.


User Experience:  Designing a user experience that pairs nicely with your local SEO is vital to succeeding in the search engine result pages. All your web pages should be so simple that a child can use them.


It should take only three to four clicks for visitors of any age to find the page they want to access on a website. This can be a challenge for more significant sites, but if SEO were easy, it would lose its value because everyone would use it.

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