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The Quickest Way To Get Leads, Direct Response Marketing!

Let’s take off our business cap for just a moment and think outside the business box at your life as a consumer. How many times have you went looking for things online like a new product for your business or home, or even to find a new restaurant that a friend told you about or to find a service guy like a plumber or an HVAC service. Chances are you have spent more time online as a consumer then you’re willing to admit. From Google to scrolling aimlessly though Facebook. According to a recent study people spend one third of their life on the world wide web. That’s 59 hours a week so yes you should certainly show up there, no question about it you need SEO but ask anyone and they will tell you search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. What they don’t tell you is what to do in the meantime while your SEO firm in Sugar Land is fighting to get you onto front page. Chances are they may offer you a PPC campaign, but this takes 3 months of data testing. Facebook, ask anyone who has invested in it how many clicks became a sale? This is because social media is for branding, community building, and a way to engage with your existing clients. These efforts can lead to a sale, quiet a few of them but don’t put the cart before the horse. If you are a service-based business don’t turn to Facebook expecting to generate leads. So, where do you turn?

Where do people lay their head, most usually its home sweet home. If you are tired of waiting for leads, there is a quicker route then SEO, PPC, or email marketing. Think inside the box, the mailbox where all your customers go and your competiton doesn’t!

Direct Response Marketing Makes $ense and A Lot Of Dollars!

While every business owner is fighting for their shot at being on the first page of Google, our SEO firm in Sugar Land expedites the process to deliver you leads quickly. Unlike digital marketing, a strategy that grows with time and patients.

Think of digital marketing like growing a garden. Some people want to grow flowers and plants from seedlings and others want to go to their local nursery and bypass the entire process. There are pros and cons to both, but I think the best way to fill your garden with an abundance of leads is to apply both.

With direct response marketing the goal is to understand who your idea client is. What will motivate them to pick up the phone? And then by using proven techniques you turn prospects into customers in one easy step by using certain key elements. Here is just a small sampling of some of the key elements that’s included in direct response marketing

· Strong headline

· Content written in the first person

· unique selling proposition (USP)

· Risk Removal

· A call to action

· Reason to contact you right away

Now you may be thinking to yourself, this sounds, like a lot of work and I wont sugar coat it. I could write a book the size of an encyclopedia on the subject, but would you really read it if I did? The chances would be slim because books such as these have existed for years so instead, I will break it down in a series of post so that you can work on implementing it. The key is not knowledge as some would say, knowledge without application is futile. Before we jump into key elements lets first look at the various ways where you can apply direct response marketing.

Where Can Direct Response Marketing Be Used?

Before we jump into key elements, lets first explore the various areas where you can apply direct response marketing. The first-time direct response was used was in 1000 BC by an Egyptian landowner who advertised an award of fold in exchange for a runaway slave. You can see this letter on display at the British Museum. Fast forward to Colonial America where letters had to be delivered by hand making them only impossible for anyone to use but those who had the money to afford hand delivered services. While today the world is vastly digital the fascination of receiving letters has yet to fade. Its not a marketing fad where channels change. Think of social media that started as My Space, where is this today? Facebook. But today the younger generation is now all looking to become Tiktok famous. But the U.S. Post Service that begun in 1913, while it has revolved is going nowhere. On fact according to a study conducted by the Consumer Channel Preference study 60% of people have actually demonstrated an emotional connection to their physical mail. If we had to assume its because since the dawn of print direct mail has been reserved for people who are affluent, who better to try and sale your services and products.

However direct response marketing has now taken many forms because these key element can be used for TV, radio, and yes online marketing. Starting in the 1990s many businesses including Toyota, Bissell, Sears, Bank of America, and Direct TV began to add elements of direct response. In fact, in 2008 The eTrader used direct response for their Super Bowel commercial and the following year Cash 4 Gold repeated the process. Listen if it didn’t work, people wouldn’t use it. It’s the little secrete that we have also used to boost conversion rates with our website.

In 2017 my businesses website was sitting on the front page of Google for almost every keyword I desired by following my SEO formula. However, my phone was still silent as a church mouse, and I wanted it to sound like a gospel choir. I decided that I would doctor up the home page using key elements of direct response. When you’re at the top and you’re getting visitors, you learn really fast the issue is not traffic, the issue is making the most of the traffic you receive. I knew our lead letter program worked so I applied the same letter I had been mailing and put it online. That’s when something magical happened, my phone exploded! I knew I was onto something, so I did the rest across the other pages of the website and Cha Ching $$$! Today others have caught on and now call this SEO copywriting services, I anticipate that within the next few years you will begin to see it everywhere bur until than it’s a lane very few are traveling which can put you in the fast track to taking over your local competiton.

Ready To Get Started With Direct Response Marketing?

If you are interested in learning more about our lead letter program or our direct response websites, then let’s schedule a time where we can chat one on one. Simply complete the online contact form and we will contact your quickly.

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