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Let Our Professional SEO Service In The Woodlands Boost Your Local Presence

Updated: Jan 9

Your business must have a solid online presence in today's business landscape. Even if your business doesn’t operate online, prospects and clients want to see you there. According to The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce, over 2,100 businesses in the area 1,200 they represent; this means steep competition. When your ideal clients need your services first, they will often start their search in the search engine (Google). If prospects/clients don’t find your business when they run a search query online, you could lose a chance to expand your client base and spread the good news about your business. A vibrant online web presence is crucial to outrank the competition and gaining new customers. But how does your business stand out from the crowd, get found online, and attract more clients? Let our SEO firm in The Woodlands share our digital dominance method.

8 Highly Effective Ways to Create a Strong Online Presence For Your Business

1. Create a Captivating Website

Most websites are basic business cards that conduit between your company and prospects/clients. However, if your website is not captivating, your business will not thrive in today’s modern competitive industry. A great website should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and well-suited to drive conversion. Hiring a qualified website designer is only half the battle; your website needs to be optimized to appear when searchers run a query.

2. Local SEO Services

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” and requires a proven formal that includes optimization, building backlinks, and technical SEO. This will help your business rank higher on the search engine result pages. The higher you rank, the more traffic you receive. While there are many SEO firms in The Woodlands some have a solution that works better than others. The first page of Google captures 92% of all results, while the second-page results capture just 6% of all website clicks. Google algorithms change 600 times each year; this is once a day and can be difficult for your website to rank on the first page of the search engine results pages with the assistance of professional SEO services in The Woodlands. When you work with YBB digital, the first step we take to get your business found online is to launch a dedicated SEO campaign. Developing and implementing a successful SEO strategy is not a walk in the park. But some great tips to level up your local SEO game include:

  • Focusing on the right keywords

  • Creating pages for each of the services you provide

  • Creating a page for each of the sites you serve. Optimizing your web pages with custom Meta descriptions, tags, and titles.

  • Creating rich content for your most crucial keywords.

  • Ensuring your business website is indexed and listed in major directories like Yelp or Google My Business.

3. Leverage the Power of Google Guarantee

Google Guarantee for some businesses and Google Screening for others has opened up many opportunities for those who can pass the Google background check and vetting process. For many years companies have wasted thousands of advertising dollars on pay-per-click. To resolve this issue in 2018, Google rolled out its Guarantee program to target the home service industry. With success in 2020, a new program specially designed for niche professional services such as law firms practicing personal injury, family law, criminal defense, etc., was created, Google Guarantee. These ads appear before pay-per-click to attract more attention (and calls) from prospective clients in your local service area. Having a Google badge will bring you instant leads for less than you would spend on pay-per-click.

Many things go into Google Guarantee/ Screening other than running ads and expecting the best. Factors that can affect your ranking within the unit include:

Proximity: How far are you from where the searcher is located?

Review Score: How many reviews do you have, and of those, how many are 4 and 5 stars?

Responsiveness: When Google sends you leads, how long does it take for you to answer the leads and or the prospect’s questions?

Hours Of Operation: Having your hours listed can be highly beneficial for businesses that offer 24-hour service.

Complaints: Should Google receive serious or repetitive complaints about your business, this can impact the leads they send to you.

This program costs a base fee of around $50.00 then there is also a cost for each lead. The primary difference between pay per click and this program is that you will only pay when a client connects with you instead of paying for every click. One of the services our SEO firm provides clients in The Woodlands is daily GMB monitoring to avoid inactivity, resulting in having your ad removed from the rankings.

4. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is crucial for your online visibility and can be an extremely powerful, cost-effective marketing tool. However, there are some tricks to using Facebook and LinkedIn as a marketing tool, and if you don’t really understand how they work both from a technical perspective and a psychological one, you will get minimal results. It is essential to understand the goal of social media marketing is not just to let people see your business as they scroll through posts. Social media is NOT just a place to plaster your business name and hope that they will call you when people need your services. Many people use it like that, but they will be sorely disappointed by their results. Put in a nutshell, the purpose of social media marketing is to build a following by getting people to “like” your page and then interacting with your followers by providing informative and personal posts so that when any of them has a need you can fill, they will come to you, their “friend” on Facebook.

5. Manage Your Online Reputation

As your company grows, you will want to have customers validating that your services are exceptional and worthwhile. In the digital landscape, this implies that you collect as many reviews with positive feedback as you possibly can.

Getting positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other review websites is one of the good ways to improve your online presence. Having reviews will add to your local SEO efforts as it boosts your search rankings. One of Google’s ranking algorithms is local reviews.

Another way of boosting your online presence is to respond to all the reviews you have (whether positive or negative). The best way to obtain reviews is to request them directly after providing a service by sending an automated text or email.

6. Claim Your Listings

People no longer use Yellow Pages anymore. Instead, they turn to internet directories such as Yelp, Super Pages, or Foursquare. However, there are also specialty directories; if you run a General Legal Practice in the Woodlands, your law firm could be included in Justia, Martindale, or the Texas Bar Directory. If you are a contractor, then you want your business to appear in Home Advisor or Angie’s List. Once you claim a listing, the next step is to optimize it to increase your chances of generating leads online.

7. Invest in Great Content to Reach More People

Content is king. While you might have heard this phrase countless times, quality content is still crucial for any business in The Woodlands trying to boost its online presence.

By investing in informative, helpful content, you will optimize your website for search while simultaneously providing value for your clients. This cements your relationship with your clients and ultimately improves your local SEO rankings in The Woodlands.

Some great tips to boost your content and SEO ranking is to include the following:

  • Revising your on-page content and optimizing it for search and your clients.

  • Starting a blog with high-quality materials dedicated to your niche

  • Produce promotional materials like videos, infographics, and eBooks that address your customer's needs.

8. Track Your Results

One of the keys to an excellent marketing strategy is, can you track it? If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on marketing, you must know what is working for you and what is not. Let me use a billboard as an example. A billboard salesperson will tell you that a particular billboard on I-10 East gets many thousand views daily. That is true, but that is not the information you need to know. If I were paying several hundred dollars a month for a billboard, I would want to know how many people were calling me from seeing it, and If I were using several, I would want to know which ones were generating more calls and which ones were not. That way, I could target my efforts to know which ones gave me the best return on my investment, but that is extremely difficult to do with billboard and branding activities. With digital marketing, we can monitor your results. When something may not be working, we have the ability to correct it to boost your online presence and results immediately.

Some of the best places to find accessible and affordable tools to help you get the best results to include Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz. Such devices have been designed to help businesses get accurate, fast insights on their digital campaigns to monitor what works and what doesn't.

As a new or existing business in The Woodlands, you must have a solid online strategy. At YBB, our professional SEO services in The Woodlands can help you get your internet marketing right by:

  • Improving your online presence

  • Increasing Sales & Leads

  • Building Trust & Credibility Online

  • Stand Apart from Your Competiton

*If you are looking for “SEO near me, The Woodlands,” we also work with business owner in Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, or the Greater Houston area; give us a call at 469-685-2738!

Are You Ready To Double Your Leads & Sales? Contact Our SEO Professional Services In The Woodlands!

We work with businesses like yours to uncover their problems, analyze their competition, and develop a growth strategy; we could charge $488.00. However, we are waiving our fee and offering this free strategy session. We will invest our time, resources, and expertise… all you have to do is attend.

Those who will not take Step #1 can never take Step #2. Schedule your strategy session today.

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